How Snackyto Began

“I love eating peanuts.” That was the beginning of how Snackyto was established. Datin Seri Zee, who was born in Jerantut, Pahang, had a deep fondness for peanut-based snacks. In 2022, she came up with the idea of starting a business specializing in peanut snacks.

Starting from her own factory in Tg malim, together with her friends, she successfully launched her first product, DELICIOUS PEANUTS. They did everything themselves, from sourcing and placing the peanuts to labeling the packages. Over time, the demand grew, and DS Zee realized that her business was not just about selling peanuts or catering to her own passion for them. It became an opportunity to provide others with a means of generating additional income by selling Wanys products.

Hence, a business that began simply because of a love for peanuts now helps numerous people out there earn extra income through the sale of Snackyto products. Today, Snackytos operates from factoriy covering 64,000 square feet. From just Datin Seri Zee and her friends, they now have over 40 staff members and agents throughout Malaysia and Singapore.

Moreover, Snackyto products are available in over 8,000 outlets to date. Not only that, but Snackyto has also expanded from offering a single type of peanut to many different varieties in various sizes.